Background Wallpapers Included In Ubuntu 18.04

We upgraded a bunch of devices (Macbook, Windows 7 desktop, Windows 10 laptop, Ubuntu 16 laptop) to Ubuntu 18.04 and decided to use background wallpaper for each of them instead of background color.

For those that haven't installed or upgraded yet, we want to show you the wallpaper collection that is included in Ubuntu 18.04.

Background Wallpapers Included In Ubuntu 18.04 Set 1

As you can see from the screenshot, this group contains: Beaver Wallpaper Grey 4096x2304, Cathédrale Marie-Rheine-du-Monde by Thierry_Pon, Crocus Wallpaper by Roy Tanck, Definitive Light Zen Orange by Pierre Cante

We wanted to only pick one from this group and ended up with Crocus Wallpaper

In this second group of wallpapers, you'll find El Haouaria by Nusi Nusi, Halifax Sunset by Vlad Drobinin, Manhattan Sunset by Giacomo Ferroni and On Top Of The Rubihorn by Matthias Niess

Background Wallpapers Included In Ubuntu 18.04 Set 2

Once again we only wanted to choose one and this was a tough one. After switching back and forth on them, we finally decided on Halifax Sunset

Raindrops On The Table by Alex Fazit, Ross Jones Rockpool (Sydney) by Chris Carignan, Spices In Athens by Makis Chourdakis, This Is Bionic Beaver by Pierre Cante, Wall With Door On Gozo by Matthias Niess and Wart Final Ubuntu

For this last group of photos, we selected Spices In Athens and Raindrops On The Table

Do you have a favorite from each set? Which one did you use for your computer?